no mirrors. no ego. just sweat.
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Stanley Pont

Stanley Pont


  • Bachelor in Applied Science with a major in exercise and sports science
  • Condition coach for Kings High 2XV, the Varsity League team, and the Otago Whalers

Favourite quote:

Nobody ever drowned in sweat​​​​​​​

Greatest achievement:

Running a marathon in first year

Fitness inspiration:

Crossfitter Ryan Fisch, ‘The Glute Guy’ Bret Contreras, and ex-SEAL David Goggins

Stingray Stanley was born and grew up in Dubai before he moved to Christchurch for boarding school in 2011. During a gap year, he gained some key experience coaching P.E, rugby, and athletics. In 2016 he came back to Dunedin to study a BPhEd in Exercise and Sports Science, and picked up a BCom in Finance and Accounting along the way. Following a series of injuries that reduced his ability to play league, he ended up training his team and eventually had the chance to train the Otago Whalers. His two least favourite things are prone holds and pickles. 
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