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Mike Ivamy

Mike Ivamy


  • Level 5 Fitness Consultant, New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness
  • 13 Years service as a Recruit Instructor and Drill Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Air Force

Favourite quote:
“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.”

Greatest achievement:
“Being left in the bush for four days, sleep deprived, hungry and tasked with overcoming a lot of hard obstacles.”

Fitness inspiration:
"Anyone who has a goal or dream and wakes up every day, prepared to work hard to get it."

With 13 years of military training, it’s no wonder AM I FIT Owner and Head Trainer Mike Ivamy was drawn to the world of hands-on group fitness training. “The boot camp style of training was a good fit because I spent most of my military career in camouflage,” he says. “Being a Drill Sergeant in the (Royal New Zealand) Air Force made the transition into training groups an easy one.”

Now in its ninth successful year of operation, AM I FIT was born out of Mike's desire to be his own boss. “I wanted to call the shots and didn’t want to be answerable to anyone".
Powered by his passion for fitness and people, Mike says it’s the AM I FIT members that he loves most about his job. “A lot of members have been with us since day one. We have a unique family here. I also love meeting new people, seeing them get stronger and bringing out the best in them.”
When he’s not running group training, you’ll often see Mike challenging the other trainers to a grueling fitness session. “It’s important to keep leading from the front and be a good example to our clients. I also need to keep fit so I can hold off the boys as long as I can!”

What does the full-time trainer and business owner do in his spare time? “Can I say that I lie on the couch and watch TV?” he says, laughing. “I love hanging out with my three kids and coming up with new training sessions. I never fully switch off from the job.”
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