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Mike Ivamy

Mike Ivamy


  • Level 5 Fitness Consultant, New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness
  • 13 Years service as a Recruit Instructor and Drill Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Air Force

Favourite quote:
“If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time.”

Greatest achievement:
“Being a Dad to my three children.”

Fitness inspiration:
"Anybody without natural talent or perfect genes, that is determined to work had, remain positive and try to become the best version of themselves. "

We have been running AM I FIT in Dunedin for 11 years now and so much has changed, not only how we conduct sessions but also my total outlook on life and fitness as a whole.
We began primarily with Bootcamp sessions around Dunedin, a logical angle considering my military background. As the years went by something different was required to engage and retain our members. The decision was made to focus on providing a variety of circuit based workouts in large indoor facilities. This meant that we were not at the mercy of the weather.
The team of Trainers and Members we have assembled right now inspire me like never before. Everyone understands the importance of teamwork, inclusiveness and fun. AM I FIT is about being part of a team that helps each other to become the best version on themselves.
I’m not perfect and I have made many mistakes both in my business and personal lives. I’m human just like everyone else, I sincerely believe that every single day we have a chance to make positive change in both our and other peoples’ lives.
Our 6 Week Challenge is hands down the best decision I have ever made. The system works and it allows people who want change to get change. We combine Accountability, Nutrition and Coaching to see amazing results.   

My goals for this year and beyond is to be the best Husband, Dad and Coach I can possibly be. I will make mistakes and I will learn by them.
I would love you to be part of our AM I FIT family.

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