no mirrors. no ego. just sweat.
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Kristen Wingham

Kristen Wingham


  • Dipolma in applied sport and exercise leadership.

Favourite quote:

F.e.a.r has two meanings forget everything and run or face everything and rise, the choice is yours

Greatest achievement:

Completing outward bound and doing a half marathon.

Fitness inspiration:

Jenna Louise and Kaiser Keranen as I aspire to how they both have the same message of moving your body in anyway aswell as women empowerment. Also there hybrid style of training really inspires me to use it more as a trainer.

After 16 years of Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dancing, and Aerobics I decided for a change that not only challenged my physical and mental well-being but helped me pass on my knowledge to people to watch them grow around health and fitness. As a Personal Trainer my passions range from Functional Movement and HIIT Style training to Athletic Conditioning and Strength Training. I thrive on challenging and motivating members to push through the hard times and to come out the other side being there best self.

Personal Training

I pride myself in being a professional, safe and knowledgeable Personal Trainer. My passions range from Functional Movement and HIIT Style Training to Athletic Conditioning and Strength Training. I want to design and exercise program specifically for YOU and YOUR needs. My primary values for any program are that it has to be achievable but most of all has to be maintainable. The benefits of one-on-one personal training with me are: • Directed through an appropriately structured session by a trained professional. • Ensure correct technique, loading and progression. • Help build confidence with exercise techniques or within a new environment such as the gym. • Be introduced to a range of training styles and techniques to keep motivation high. One-one- one sessions are great for those of you, new to exercise that really do need a helping hand, for those of you that need some new training ideas, for those of you that are becoming complacent and need a 'shake-up', and for those of you training for a specific event.

Feel free to use my online booking form or contact me on facebook for enquiries!
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