AM I FIT News Feed AM I FIT Welcome to all Grabone purchasers timetable for both Dunedin and Christchurch can be found under the <strong>Pricing/Options</strong> <a href="/pages/13/Pricing-Options" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:13">tab</a><br /> <br /> We welcome you all to our team and look forward to meeting everyone from the 17th onwards<br /> <br /> <strong>Please email <a href=""></a> if you have any questions</strong>1475665200 to all Grabone purchasers Term 3 Kids Fitness - its not too late;s not too late to enroll your child in the term 3 course. We will price the term accordingly for the number of sessions your child will be attending, so email <a href=""></a> to get the ball rolling.1469966400 3 Kids Fitness - its not too late Term 3 Afterschool Kids Fitness - Registrations are now OPEN <a href=""></a> to register your child for term 3<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1466337600 3 Afterschool Kids Fitness - Registrations are now OPEN Christchurch launching a new training block AM I FIT Christchurch West team are commencing a six week training block beginning July 4th<br /> <br /> Five sessions a week over six weeks for just $150 ($5 for an hour of instructed training)<br /> <br /> For more info <a href="/pages/13-13/Christchurch-West" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:13">Click here</a>1465992000 launching a new training block AM I FIT KIDS FITNESS<strong>Starting May 3rd</strong> <p><strong>Cost: $200</strong></p> <h2>AM I FIT are re-introducing the Afterschool Fitness for Kids program</h2> <p>Running every Tuesday and Thursday from 3.45pm &ndash; 4.30pm<br /> Registrations made by emailing <a href=""></a><br /> Please provide:<br /> Parents Name<br /> Childs Name<br /> Gender<br /> Age<br /> Any Medical Conditions</p> <p>Secure your position NOW and be one of the first 20 to receive the first 4 weeks FREE</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1459422000 I FIT KIDS FITNESS $50 Rewards Promotion AM&nbsp;I&nbsp;FIT we believe the best people to promote our service are those who share the same passion for non gym based fitness as we do.<br /> <br /> Recruit a friend, work mate or family member to join on our 12-month membership, and we will give you $50 cash.<br /> <br /> Easy money!!!!!<br /> <br />1450177200$50 Rewards Promotion Join our Team have an exciting position available for an energetic and experienced sales person...<br /> <br /> <a href="">Click here for more info</a><br />1430913600 our Team Online booking instructions sure you register for Mindbody Connect<br /> <br /> This will be our training session mobile booking system as of May 10th<br /> Mindbody connect has the benefit of detailing training locations which is the reason for the necessary change.<br /> <br /> If you have any questions or concern, please contact us - 476 4937<br /> <br /> <a href="/files/193/file/mindbody-connect-instructions-pdf" data-object-ref="attachment:15">Mobile booking system download instructions</a><br />1430913600 booking instructions