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Not only is she super fit, she is also super smart! Getting her PHD a little while back and continuing working at the university in a research position. Lucky for her, she has managed to land herself a pretty epic job over in Italy.. unlucky for us, she leaves tomorrow… we will miss her BIG TIME! But love any excuse for a holiday, AM I FIT on tour anyone?

On a more positive note, let's get this show on the road!
How long have you been a member? 6 and a bit years.
What made you join AM I FIT? having never heard of AM I FIT I saw a GrabOne deal and thought it might give me motivation to exercise.
Most know for at the gym? Lack of clothing. Lack of coordination. The person to avoid making eye contact with when partners are being picked.
What time slot do you train at? Traditionally titans but recruiting buddies was harder than the workouts, so these days mainly 6am.
Favourite vs. Least favourite exercise? favourite - HSPU/sprints/plate push, least - push ups/double under's.
Spirit animal? Jaguar - solitary animal, hunts via stealth, surprising prey with a rare mix of speed and power. Excellent swimmer.
Star sign? Gemini.
Sweet or savoury? Both.
Ideal pizza toppings? Moving to Italy to conduct further research.
Biggest hobby outside of the gym? It's been suggested that I should just move in to the gym on more than one occasion.
Quickly describe yourself? Small town girl, more nerd than jock, always up for a challenge.
Something most people won’t know/ expect about you? For my 3rd birthday my parents gave me a goat.


Marea Colombo


Let's get to know the resident comedian Marea! aka: Rea (Ray-ah) aka: DOUBLE CRANK

How long have you been a member? Just over a year
What made you join AM I FIT? I did a grab one deal and then was hooked!
Most known for at the gym? Being really average at mega square
What time slot do you train at? 6 am and 5pm
Favourite vs. Least favourite movement? Pistol Squats vs. Bear-crawls
Spirit animal? Sharks. I want to be a shark more than anything. They are super efficient, don't have to sleep and are just the coolest
Star sign? Taurus-Gemini cusp. I spent most of my life hearing I was just a Taurus and that never felt right. This year, I found out I was a cusp and EVERYTHING made sense
Sweet or savoury? Savouryyyy
Ideal pizza toppings? Cheese, just cheese!
Biggest hobby outside of the gym? Scuba diving
Quickly describe yourself? Ok, top facts about me - I love the mornings, am scared of the dark and have lost my luggage multiple times on airplanes.


Kiri Pullar



I have to make sure my English and grammar is correct this week, because I may get told off by one of our resident teachers!
This weeks we are hanging out with @elyse_corkhill ! .


How long have you been a member?  Joined in February 2018
What made you join AM I FIT?  A grabone deal and also needed to get my A into G!!!! .
What time slot do you train at? Weekdays 6am and weekend AM sessions
Favourite vs. Least favourite exercise? 
Least favourite is a hard choice between the dreaded down ups and press ups (noodle arms can't hack it).

Favourite would be? G2OH .
Spirit animal? Apparently I'm a turtle? .
Star sign? Pieces .
Sweet or savoury? Sweet....block of chocolate in one sitting
Ideal pizza toppings? Meat, meat and more meat!!!! .
Biggest hobby outside of the gym? Cooking/baking and spending time with my family and friends
Quickly describe yourself: I was born and raised in Christchurch, I am a primary school teacher and a mum to a gorgeous 2 year old girl. .
Something most people won’t know/expect about you: I'm extremely OCD and love to run long distances




With our best pal Kylie being so busy gigging, we hardly got to see her anymore. So it seemed only fair that we had to rope in her partner @liamdonald99 to fill her place.. and boy has he!

He has bear crawled his way into the AM I FIT family, so here is your chance to get to know Liam a little better!
How long have you been a member? 4 Months. Wish I'd joined years ago!
What made you join AM I FIT?  The AIF 6 week Challenge. (Plus my partner has been a member for the last 5 years)
Most know for at the gym?  I will leave that in the capable hands of my fellow gym goers. I would hope positive things...
What time slot do you train at?  5PM is my go to. Also would never pass up a Saturday morning session.
Favourite vs. Least favourite exercise?  Favourite exercise would have to be bear crawls. My body feels like it was built to be on all 4s.
Least favourite? Ab wheels. I have horrible core.
Spirit animal? Gazelle..
Star sign? Capricorn.
Sweet or savoury? Savoury. .
Ideal pizza toppings? Bacon. (Must be crispy)
Biggest hobby outside of the gym? Flying. .
Quickly describe yourself? A North Island born Kiwi, raised on a dairy farm, qualified and working in IT.
Something most people won’t know/ expect about you?  Im a triplet. And no, we cant read each others bloody minds

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